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Know Your Reproductive System !

Have you ever thought how complex and fascinating is the female reproductive System of human?
Are you highly curious about how the reproductive system of a woman must be and do you want to know the basics of the ‘female reproductive system?’

You are rightly here with the knowledge in brief about the structure of the female reproductive system, which would definitely cater to your curiosity to know how the female reproductive system looks & functions.

The entire menstrual cycle of a woman is closely associated with the various parts of her reproductive system. All the organs of the woman’s reproductive system function in tandem to produce the cyclic menstrual sequence in a woman’s body. 

A woman’s reproductive system is very highly complex and also fascinating than that of a man! As the complexity is more, the reproductive system of a woman is also a lot more vulnerable to infections, disorders and diseases. I really wonder how God could make such a well integrated, well-knit, extremely efficiently networked system! All the organs of the female reproductive system are so finely weaved  together to cause and control the menstrual cycle and also pregnancy.


Let us have an overview of the entire female reproductive system.



The Female Reproductive System of humans has mainly the following parts:

1. Ovaries:




Follicles in Ovaries


Endocrine & Exocrine Functions of Ovaries

2. Fallopian Tubes:



Parts of Fallopian Tube


Functions of Fallopian Tube

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